[Interview] Abhinav Jain - CAT 2013 Topper - 99.99 percentile in CAT 2013

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Abhinav jain, who has scored 99.99 percentile in CAT 2013 exam and going to placed at IIM Ahmedabad. Abhinav Jain is from Rewa, Madhya Pradesh. On his 2nd chance to CAT, he got 100 percentile (205/225) in section 1 and 99.15 percentile (147/225) in section 2.

He also got offer from Cognizant Technologies Solutions on his bachelor degree placement but he refused better choose CAT as he dreamed for IIM-A. Not only in CAT he has done other mba entrance exam IIFT-17, SNAP-99.9, NMAT- 247, XAT- yet to declared. But obviously, his first preference is CAT. As most of the student ask that in how many months one can crack CAT and get minimum marks to get admission in IIM, Abhinav has prepared in just six-eight months as he is good in maths and English.

What was his study plan for Preparation?

He started the covering the topics which he liked much, in which he has good interest, then he started learning all the syllabus of CAT topic by topic. He was quite weak in verbal and Quantitative, so he practiced more and more about Quant. Then he started Revision for almost month and then he focused on Mock CATs (Mock Test).

He believe that coaching is not necessary but if you feel that you need some guidance about CAT or any particular subject then joining coaching institute is fine. Abhinav loves to watch sitcoms (TV Show), comedy nights, comedy circus and many more shows.

On his first attempt to CAT, he scored 98.13 percentile but couldn't make it up to his expectation (also he appeared on 3s year of engineering) so, he try again (he didn't give up on his dream). He is from rewa and currently studying final year of engineering at Ahmedabad 's nirma university.

He personally believes that one full year is sufficient for preparing for CAT or any other competitive exam. when we asked that do you want to give any tips to future CAT aspirants, he answered :-

Just believe in yourself :)

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[Study Plan] CAT 2013 Preparation - Strategy, Tips and Tricks To Crack CAT Exam

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This post will provide you the detail study plan for CAT 2013 Preparation with Tips and Tricks to Crack CAT exam Easily. CAT is the national Level MBA Entrance exam to get admission in Indian Institute of Management and other B-Schools of India.

Being MBA is biggest dream of management student and that from IIM, what a luck, right? IIM is the world's best management institute who do not only Teaches you MBA but create MBA / Enterprenues.
[Study Plan] CAT 2013 Preparation - Strategy, Tips and Tricks To Crack CAT Exam

To live this dream, Every year there are lakhs of students get appear in the CAT exam and then disappear as very few students can crack these exam. Its just myth that CAT exam is too tough to clear, of course its tough, but just remember, nothing is impossible in this world. [Just forget about 3 idiots movie scene] :)

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So, What to do to get selected in IIM or at least crack CAT to get admission in good B-School of India. So, to fulfill your dream,here i am providing you study plan that will help you to prepare better for CAT.

1. Basic fundamental knowledge.

I am assuming that you are all have applied for CAT and you have basic knowledge about the exam. If not then let me summarize that CAT is the MBA entrance exam, Competitive exam with no predefined exam syllabus.But there will be 60 questions with 2 Sections based on quantitative aptitude, verbal, Logical Reasoning, Data interpretation and General Knowledge with time limit of 140 minutes.

The time limit and no information about syllabus is just because CAT just test your knowledge about concept with speed and accuracy.

The subjects for questions are based on past exam papers of CAT. So, this is the basic fundamental knowledge one should have about the CAT Exam. Now, lets move on to the Study plan.

2. Collection of Study Material - eBooks

To Get started with Preparation, one need material to read. So, collect the Books for CAT Preparation and other study material. On Net, there are lots of Source for study material [paid and free]. If you do not find,please comment below, i will try my best to provide you all the study material for exam.

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3. Collect the Past Exam papers of CAT.

Till 2010, CAT was offline so you can get all the past exam papers and other model question papers for CAT that will help you to get more information and to better understand the test.

Past exam papers will also help you to prepare for the exam by solving the sums.

4. Solve the Question papers.

Yes, its time to prepare. Just keep Book and question papers and pen-paper with you. Switch off your mobile phone or make it on slient mode while you are studying. Just keep your concentration on the study and try your best to solve the question.

Getting failed again and again? no worry, just try to understand the question, use answer book of question. Do not try to solve it now, Just understand. Once you get feel that you can solve by yourself, try to solve whole question paper in one go.

This way, you will get speed and accuracy in test. The rate of error will reduced easily. Just keep going on with your book and keep solving sums.

5. Time Management

Going for MBA? Your study starts from here only. Make proper time table for study and reading. Reading refers to learn new things and surfing internet. Study time will be only for preparation. Make your day to day time table.

Set Goals and targets to finish and solving question papers. Solve as much as exam papers and sums as you can as solving lots sums will give you idea about different style of questioning, it will increase your reading speed, increase sums solving speed and accuracy too.

6. Revision

Its not time to get tired, if you are done with solving book and exam papers, get new one and start solving the exam paper again. Follow it till the exam and start revision of complicated and big sums that find you difficult while solving it.

These are the enough tips to prepare for CAT Exam. if you have any other questions regarding the CAT Exam or any other MBA entrance exam, you can ask me via comment section below.

Thank you! :)

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Why CLT20 is not Popular As Much As IPL? - Management Case Study

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This post will provide you a MBA Case Study on the T20 Cricket Leagues of India.This post is based on the recent research on IPL and Champions League with respect to English premier league [Football League].

Why CLT20 is not Popular As Much As IPL? - Management Case Study

A recent research says that huge fan following and long fixture can help CLT20 to grow more in India. As we know that IPL has more no of matches and so, they have almost 2 moths of long long T20 Series. While CL is just 2 week of game plan. 

Researchers Says that this is one of the major reason why CL is not working in india with compare to IPL. CL have small fixture and all matches are 20-20 overs. IPL had 3.8 of TRP while CL has just 0.13 of TRP this year. 

Why Such massive difference?

Well, for the reason, they had given example of EPL. English Primer League, a major and biggest primer league for Football game which runs from August to May each year [all the year] with 38 matches each for each team [32 teams] and total of 380 matches are being played.

So, one must say that such long fixture can bore people, in india people prefer short term tournaments. Is it so? then why CL is getting Fail? 

I am also agree on this, Long Term Matches and schedule will help people to follow tournament more and more. These will help them to Bering more and more interest in tournament. Also, EPL just played on Weekends. So the people needs good entrainment after hard working whole week.Such experiments can also be done at IPL/CL too.

As per Pagalguy post, National Football League comprises 32 teams split equally between the National Football Conference and the American Football Conference. The playing season lasts from August through to the last week of January (about 17 weeks). 

Within each conference, each team plays 14 games. Six teams from each conference play in a knock out play-off and the winners of the two conferences meet each other in the Super Bowl (since 1967) for the right to be called the champion in that year.

On IPL even, Each weekend they get more and more TRP, compared to week days. And the reason, world cup and other big tournaments get more popularity then other series.

So, it can be said that if we plan for long and play more matches under one tournament, then the success ratio for tournament can be high.

TRP data from Livemint.

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[Update] IIM Ahmadabad Admission Criteria 2014 Session

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www.iimahd.ernet.in - Providing the latest admission criteria changed by IIM Ahmadabad for the new batch for MBA admission 2013-14. There has been minor change in admission criteria by IIM Ahmadabad for upcoming batch of MBA.

What are the changes in Admission Criteria?

Well,There is no big changes has been made but just a new formula to count calculating application rating (AR) and a provision to direct shortlist students to written analysis and personal interview (WA-PI) for top performers in the five academic categories has been included. This is first time happening in IIM Ahmadabad.

Why Such changes has been made?

It has been observed by the IIM officials that there has been many students who are from commerce, arts and humanities, agriculture or science as an background studies.So, to there has been problematic to recognise exceptional performers across diverse academic backgrounds, top 50 candidates or top one per cent of the number of applicants to IIM Ahmedabad within each category — whichever is lower — will be identified.

These candidate will be benefited as they will be directly shortlisted for the WA-PI with respect to CAT 2013 Score. According to the IIM A, There are more then 96% students having engineering background and the reason so, these change in formula are needed.

by Economic Times

Total Number of CAT 2013 Vouchers Sold

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Providing the information regarding the total number of vouchers sold for CAT 2013 Application. It has been just 10 days (5-15 August), and more then 1 lac vouchers of CAT Exam are sold.

This is unbelievable growth in sell of MBA CAT vouchers sold this year, as CAT voucher sales has crossed 6-digit mark with more than one lakh MBA aspirants in just 10 days.

CAT 2013 Convenor Dr Rohit Kapoor has said that they are expecting of numbers to reach around 2.5 lakh when we close the process on September 24, 2013 (last date of cat application). let see the last 5 year of trend in cat voucher selling data.

There is slight decrease in the sales of vouchers ~ number of cat applicants in the year of 2012. And respect to that data, we can assume that this year, the sales figure will go up to 2.5 lacs.

The other factor which works behind this is the number of seats increased (students capacity in IIMs) for MBA are also big factor. The 13 Indian Institutes of Management have altogether added 115 more seats for admission year 2014.

The real number of total number of applicants will be clear after the last date of application (~ 26th September, 2013). you can keep visiting this page for more updates.

Total Number of CAT 2013 Vouchers Sold :- 1,00,000+ (1 Lac).


[CAT 2013] DATA Interpretation Question 1 [Practical TEST Series]

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Providing  DATA Interpretation Practical TEST Series question one for the students of CAT 2013 and also for the MBA entrance exam aspirants. All the candidates who are preparing for the competitive exams can also use our online practical test series to preparation.

[CAT 2013] DATA Interpretation Question 1

Question:- A Bag contains 25 paisa, 50 paisa and rs. 1 coins. The total value of 25 paisa conin is equal to that of 50 paisa coins.while the total value of 25 paisa coins is 3/2 times the total value of Rs.1 coins. The total no of coin is 50.

Now Answer ... 

What is the total no of Rs. 1  coins? 

What is total value of 50 paisa coins?

What is the total amount in the bag?

Solution :-  As amount in 25 paisa and 50 paisa are equal, corresponding ration between no of coins of 25 paisa and 50 paisa coins is 2 :1.

Similarly, ration between no of Rs.1 and 25 paisa coins is 1 : 6. The fina ratio of no of coins, 25 paisa, 50 paisa, 1 Rs is 6 :3 :1.

As, total ratio of no. of coins is 50, actual nos are 25 paisa ; 30 coins, 50 paisa :15 coins: 1 Rs : 5 coins.

So, total no of Rs. 1  coins is 5, total value of 50 paisa coins is Rs.7.50 and total amount in the bag is Rs.20. :)

Please keep visiting us for more question and Practical TEST Series on data interpretation and logical reasoning.

[CAT 2013] Mathematical Aptitude Question 1 [Practical TEST Series]

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Providing Mathematical Aptitude Practical TEST question for CAT 2013 students. Students who are preparing for other MBA Entrance Exam can also try to solve this question online.

[CAT 2013] Mathematical Aptitude Question No. 1

Question 1 :- There are four customers, each visited a meat shop and one by one, each of them bought 2/3rd the amount of meat the butcher had, plus 1/3 kg. At the end the butcher was left with none. Find the amount of meat the butcher had, to start with?

Option A) 40 KG B) 13KG C) 80/3 KG D) 4 1/3 KG.

Do you find this question hard? well its quite easy, lets took at the Solution below, before that, i request you to please try it on your own first.

Solution :- Let we assume there is X kg of meat with butcher start with. So, X Kg meat was left before the fourth customer came, then 2x/3 + 1/3 = X or X = 1.

 Similarly, if Y KG was left when the third customer came, then [(Y-1) = (2/3) (Y) + (1 /3)], because 1KG was given to the fourth customer.

This gives Y = 4, working backwards on the smiler lines, we can see there was 40 KG, meat before the first customer visited the SHOP. So, Answer is 40 KG (option A).

Keep visiting this blog for more question and query related to CAT exam syllabus to practice more and more about the CAT 2013 TEST Online.

We soon going to provide more questions and query on LR - DI section of CAT and MBA entrance exam.So, we request you to keep visiting us.